At Head to Toe Body Care Centre we offer a complete range of waxing services for men and women. We only use Australian made organic strip and hot waxes but most importantly it is not recycled. We introduced and coined the term “XXX Waxing” for men and women over 30 years ago and we specialise in this area.

Waxing Prices


Full Leg$45.00
1/2 Leg - includes knees$28.00
1/2 Top Leg$35.00
Bikini Line$22.00
Extended Bikini - high brief bikini$28.00
Brazilian - around labia, into bottom$40.00
XXX - over labia, into bottom$50.00
Full Arms$35.00
1/2 Arms$28.00
Stomach, Back, ButtocksFrom $25.00
Spot WaxingFrom $15.00


Back or Shoulders$35.00
Back & Shoulders$50.00
Chest or Stomach$35.00
Chest & Stomach$50.00
Full Arms$43.00
1/2 Arms$32.00
Full Legs$55.00
Back, Shoulders, Neck & 1/4 Arms$60.00
Spot WaxingFrom $15.00
Full Body from Head to Toe$260.00

Waxing DOs & DON'Ts


*  After waxing the hair follicles are open and more susceptible to infection. Ensure you moisturise your skin daily with Tea-Tree antiseptic lotion.

*  Use a Loofah on your skin once a week as it aids in the prevention of ingrown hairs, this should be done lightly, in a upward motion using Tea-Tree Wash in the shower, 1-2 times a week.

*  Ensure you shower immediately after exercise to clear follicles of perspiration which can lead to bacterial infections.


*  Don’t loofah your skin every day. This dries up the natural oils from your skin’s surface, making it difficult for the hairs to break through the skin.

*  Don’t apply deodorant until 24 hours after a treatment.

*  Don’t apply makeup directly to the skin after facial waxing.

*  Don’t pick at ingrown hairs, this may cause scarring. Ask your therapist about our ingrown hair removal treatments and products.

*  Don’t expose your skin to the sun for 24 hours after a waxing treatment.

*  Don’t go to the gym or exercise directly after a waxing treatment as sweating can cause bacterial infections.

*  Don’t swim in chlorinated pools or at the beach for 24 hours after a waxing treatment.

*  Don’t shave between waxing treatments. This disrupts the hair growth cycle and future waxing appointments.