Why we choose Gernètic


Gernétic skincare products are the outcome of extensive cellular biology and advanced biotechnology. Using the purest, most powerful active ingredients that are delivered in such a way as to help the skin repair itself from within.

Gernétic products fuse decades of scientific knowledge of the ageing process of cells (gerontology) to bring you significant and lasting results, working at a cellular level, enabling your skin to regenerate and heal itself. Applied Cellular Biology is how Gernétic skin care attains its results and why it is loved by thousands of people across the world.


Gernétic does not use any new laboratory-engineered molecules. All active ingredients are extracted from natural sources and their anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle properties are well known, which means that testing on animals is not required and not performed.

The efficiency of the finished skin care products is assessed on volunteers under dermatological supervision before they are released for production and distribution.


Gernétic is based on the body’s ability to recover its health and harmony by providing its cells with vital nutrition. The active ingredients are molecular in size, meaning they are able to reach down to the cellular level and provide nutrition directly to the cells. The active ingredients work in harmony with the human cells’ composition, allowing them to be transferred easily through your skin, regenerating and restoring its appearance, giving a youthful complexion.

Cellular therapy, on which Gernétic is based, is a powerful method to get fundamental results without using aggressive and destructive approaches.